Professional Testimonials

We initially started KIS with our special education preschool class staff. In that class, they worked with verbal and non-verbal autistic students age 3 to 5. The results have been astounding. We saw significant increases in attention and academic skills. With many students verbal skills began to emerge. Parents have commented that the skills that were seen in the classroom were being generalized to the home environment.

With the success we experienced in the preschool class we decided to move the program up to our elementary school moderate to severe class. KIS has trained the classroom staff and are doing preliminary work with the students. Thus far, we are seeing results that are mirroring those from the preschool program. Attention, academic skills as well as verbal skills have seen significant strides.

I am looking forward to moving the KIS program to the middle school as the results are astounding.

Bruce C

I have waited over 30 years to see a program like this implemented. It checks all my boxes and then some. I am so excited to see my students succeed.

Shelley B 
Speech and Language Pathologist

A game changer for special education. A fantastic program for teaching any child who needs a little extra help. I work specifically with nonverbal kids with autism who are considered "severe" and I already see big improvements after using this program.

Emily L 
Special Education Teacher

Amazing training, from the information to the actual footage but still does not touch the feeling of seeing the students progressing.

Amy P 
Speech and Language Pathologist

I was skeptical at first that this could work. As each day went by, I could not help myself becoming more and more more enthusiastic. These students make progress so quickly.

Rebecca T 

From this experience, I am confident this curriculum would be successful with other students.

Mimi M 
Autism Program Specialist

If the student is not making progress, the material can be modified to maximize their learning. In addition, they are not required to master the basic level of a concept before moving on to a more difficult concept. Therefore, the student is not penalized for not learning the basic set of principles but rather allowed to progress to the more difficult concepts, which they often are able to learn faster than the easier concepts.

As a teacher of students with special needs, I can not tell you how immensely helpful this program is for teaching autistic kids. I saves hours of preparation and greatly enhances my ability to teach them.

Trish B 
Special Education Teacher

This program has the potential to be a significant contribution in treatment options for autism.

Mary Ellen S 
Director Special Education

I have yet to see such an increase of abilities with any one student in such a short period of time. I believe the design and the apporach is due to that success. This program has been designed with a student with special needs in mind.

Courtney C 
Speech and Language Pathologist