Transitioning to KIS Homeschool

Girl learning on iPad

​The KIS Homeschool onboarding process is designed to transition students and their families to a new way of learning by empowering the parents to take control of the teaching process. It was developed as a road map to ensure that every student has the highest probability of success.  

The onboarding experience includes the following steps:

  • ​Registration of the new student.
  • Collection of data about the student from the parents to design the appropriate starting curriculum for their child.
  • Collection of photos from parents to further personalize the lessons.
  • Training of parents using online training.
  • Helping parents learn to navigate through the apps in order to understand how to use them.
  • Guidelines and expectations are set to achieve success within the flexible and supportive KIS Homeschool environment.
  • Show parents where to get help and how to ask questions.

Throughout enrollment and beyond, we provide resources to help families become familiar with our teaching process, our teacher services and our technology.