What makes KIS Homeschool Different?

Successfully teaching a special needs child requires the correct teaching method, the correct material, and the correct delivery of that material. The same way a traditional homeschool frees the parent from the dependency on a professional teacher, so does KIS Homeschool free parents of special needs students from the need  for special education teachers, behavioral therapists, speech therapists, and occupational therapists. When a student is supported by a cohesive teaching team, led by parents who are committed to their child's success and supported by dedicated and passionate teachers who understand the use of technology in teaching special needs students, they are motivated to learn.

The KIS Homeschool difference is the support and training we​ provide motivated parents in order for them to succeed and thereby enable their children to succeed. In order to provide the correct levels of support to each parent and student, we restrict the class size so that each teacher has a manageable case load. The downside is that we cannot guarantee admission to every student and some students will be wait-listed until a slot opens up or until a new teacher is trained.