Professionals, School Officials, Educators, Speech and Language Pathologists, ABA experts and parents are all praising our program.  Each of them have taken the training and have implemented the program directly or they have been responsible for the oversight of the implementation.

Parent Testimonials

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to use these apps to grow our child and build their confidence.

Vanessa  F
Parent from pilot program            

After the training I felt very empowered to teach my student/child and felt encouraged that he would be able to learn. After such a short time I am taken aback at how quickly he progressed.

Mary  G
Parent from pilot program            

Excellent apps. It really goes to basics and analyzing my child's learning skills in a totally new dimension.

Mike S
Parent from pilot program            

The perfect program for my ASD child. Nothing else like it out there. I never imagined my son would be able to type from memory so quickly. KIS has really found a method for teaching visual learners on the autism spectrum.

Nicole M
Parent from pilot program            

We have tried Rapid Prompt, Son-rise, ABA and nothing worked with our nonverbal son until we tried this program. He is now typing so fast. We are so happy to have found this program.

Divya K
Parent from pilot program            

Training was amazing. Can't wait to see the success in our kids.

Pamela and Tim H
Parents from pilot program