About 65% of the students that have been taught utilizing Visual Communication Analysis™become more verbal. This includes students who start off completely nonverbal and those who are already speaking. The technique focuses on communication as a starting point and as a result these students are able to organize their thoughts into speech.

For those students who are still unable to verbalize, 100% of them learn to type and thereby learning to communicate via typing. Our goal is to teach them to type on any device from smartphones, to iPads, to computers to anything with a keyboard.

On the other hand 100% of the students who are taught using Visual Communication Analysis™ improve their self esteem. The transformation from students who walk crouched over to students who walk with their heads held high is life changing. ​ 

Some of the outcomes we observe are listed below

  • More Verbal. 65% of the students become more verbal.
  • Learn to type. 100% of the students learn to type.
  • Decreased behaviors. 100% of student have decreased behaviors.
  • Increased self-esteem. 100% of students improve their self-esteem.
  • Change in family dynamic. 100% of our families report improved family life.