A Personalized Approach To Learning

Every child has a unique learning style and capability and therefore require customized tools, materials and teaching methods in order for them to succeed. KIS Homeschool combines all of these requirements into an easy to use system that can be utilized by parents to teach their children and thereby provide them with a personalized, flexible learning experience at home.



Your Teaching Team

 Learning is a collaborative process. A student's success depends on having a strong support team as well as a customized curriculum.  Our experienced staff and technology experts work together with each family to empower each parent to be the pillar of that support team. A strong partnership and excellent communication between parents and our staff gives the parents confidence and ensures a successful learning experience for the student.

Our Curriculum

The cornerstone of our approach is the creation of a personalized curriculum. We create a unique curriculum specific to each student that incorporates their home environment. For most students that means using photos of their family members and the objects that are found in their homes.

A personalized curriculum also means adapting the presentation of material in a manner that motivates each student. For example some students are excited to count chocolate ice cream cones while others are excited by counting cars. We utilize parent input and feedback as well as real time data to modify the curriculum as the student progresses.

The goal is to create an environment where the student succeeds and thereby builds their self esteem. It is this feedback loop that allows the student to keep learning and keep  building self esteem. Success breeds success. Unlike other programs that focus on the students weaknesses as the area of focus, we focus on utilizing the student's strengths to create learning momentum.

Our Technology

KIS Homeschool utilizes customized technology developed by KIS Publishing LLC.  The software and apps were specifically developed to teach special needs students utilizing the techniques of Visual Communication Analysis™.

The software is currently used by Alternative Teaching Strategy Center as well as in classes at public schools. It is also used by speech therapists and occupational therapists.

The software has been designed to capture all the data necessary to measure the student's learning trajectory. This data is then used to modify and enhance the student's curriculum and learning experience. The apps take the data behind the scenes, so that the parent does not have to be concerned with anything other than their child's success. Furthermore, the student is focused on learning and not getting it right or wrong.

Each enrolled student is provided access to this software. The parents are also given access to the online reporting portal that gives them real-time reports and diagnostics.

Parent's Role

 The parent plays a critical role in a homeschool for a special needs child. The parent is the lead teacher, the aide, the school nurse and academic and sports coach. The parent is responsible for providing organization and structure, creating the right learning environment and most importantly for the actual instruction as well.  The time spent teaching your child will vary from student to student but the more time you invest in your child the more successful they will be. We suggest a minimum of 2 hours every day in order to achieve results. We also suggest a maximum work time of 6 - 8 hours a day as the student needs the down time to assimilate the skills that have been taught.

Most parents do not feel qualified for their role as lead teacher, aide and coach. As part of our onboarding process, we provide extensive training for parents so that they are able to take on this important role.  We teach parents how to utilize Agile Teaching to get the best from their children. In addition, our software has been designed to make it as simple as possible for the parent to implement.

Should a parent require more training or feedback, they are always able to make an appointment with one of the staff members.

At first I was afraid to teach my son. I was scared that I would do something wrong and mess everything up.  After the training, I was excited to start working with my son. After working with my son, I can't remember why I was scared in the first place.

Maria B