The KIS Home School is exclusively for parents who wish to homeschool their special needs children or wish to accelerate their progress by teaching them at home after they return from school. Professionals wishing to use this program must apply for certification.

As you start the admissions process, you will begin to understand what differentiates us from not only traditional school, but from other online schools as well. Our admission coordinators take the time to get to know your child's educational needs and assist you with the admissions process. They understand the unique requirements of homeschooling a special needs student and provide  the answers to important questions, guidance about each step of the enrollment and admissions process and overall support to ensure each student's success.

KIS Homeschool offers rolling admissions, which means that parents may begin the enrollment process at any time and start teaching their children immediately after successful admission to the school.

As all of the students who attend KIS Homeschool are special needs students, they tend to fall behind their more typical peers. As a result our school year is a 12 month school year thereby providing our students with the opportunity to keep learning. 

KIS Homeschool does not follow a traditional school approach and allocate students to grades based on their age. Our students are given an individualized curriculum based on their abilities and the curriculum is modified in near real-time based on their performance.

Due to the special nature of the services we provide, the number of trained teachers who can provide support and guidance is limited. As a result, we are forced to limit the number of students who can enroll. Students who are not accepted immediately, will be placed on a wait list and accepted according to their priority on the list.