KIS Homeschool is dedicated to helping parents teach their special needs children. Our initial focus was on children with autism especially those that are nonverbal, though we've now discovered that it can work with other students as well. Our goal is to enable and empower you, the parent to help your child succeed​. Keep It Simple (KIS) is our motto.

KIS Homeschool is at the forefront of the use of technology in education especially special education. We are the developers of Agile Teaching and Visual Communication Analysis™ (VCA™), two techniques that will change the way students are taught. These techniques were invented by Dalia Shkedy over 10 years ago when she was forced to teach her autistic son Ethan, who at age 9 was written off as only having the IQ of a 6 month old baby. Ethan, who is still nonverbal, can type 65 words a minute with 90% accuracy completely independently and he can type on any device that has a keyboard. Using these techniques, Ethan was taught high school mathematics and algebra as well as history, biology, government, economics, and more.

Agile Teaching and VCA™ have been field tested on many students with autism ranging from 2.5 years to 25 years in age. Prior to launching the online school, we tested our techniques with families who lived in our local area.  It has also been tested on children with other special needs as well as some  typical children. These methods have been tested in many schools and at the Alternative Teaching Strategy Center. The success rate has been 100%, with the only difference between students being the rate at which they learn. Around 75% of the students either started talking or improved their speech.

KIS Homeschool is the result of requests from parents from all over the world who want to learn how to teach their kids to achieve the potential they know their children have despite what the "professionals" may have told them.

Currently our curriculum is only available in English, but we have made adjustments for the different dialects in the USA, UK, and Australia.  We are planning to translate the curriculum into other languages in the near future.

This school is dedicated to those who choose to take things into their own hands rather than see their children wilt due to constant battering to their               self-esteem.